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Management Training

A well-trained manager could make all the difference to the way your teams operate within your business. Often tied in with our leadership programmes, our management training is practical and relevant to the small to medium sized business, and covers how to motivate, and inspire better results from your teams.

As with leadership development we normally suggest that the manager has received feedback from the index 360 process prior to embarking on a management training programme. This will make the training more practical and useful so that you will be able to see the results quickly, and be certain that it has worked. Click here for more information on Competency Assessment.

Depending on your business, you may need management training, to increase trust and empowerment, increase morale, decrease absenteeism, or simply to improve your results and create a more inspiring place to work. Whatever the reason, we have the expertise to make a difference in the quality of the management of teams.

Your business and approach will probably be unique to you, so from our experience management training at any level should be tailored to make it relevant, and cost effective. Training designed to suit your managers will make the biggest possible impact in the shortest possible time. Tailored management training is the best way to achieve this.

Our Promise? 

What can you expect from our management training? Expect more confident managers with a very clear vision of the future, expect managers that can coach and support their people, and can inspire and motivate your teams to do well. Expect better results from our management training – or expect to have your management training for free!

Typical training programmes for managers:

Intro to management

Intro to supervision

Managing change and risk

Management Skills

Performance Management

Project Management

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