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The Buccaneers Island team building game has been run successfully for organisations from just about every sector, local authority, businesses, colleges, universities, both in the UK and abroad. Having proved its worth over the last 8 years, we feel that the Buccaneers Island game should be made available to training or event management companies or training departments of larger organisations who would like to deliver the Buccaneers Island lessons to their clients either internal or external

A Buccaneers Island® event is an indoor activity so you are guaranteed excellent weather for your trip, and the game can accommodate between 20 to 200 or more people at a time. The participants are involved in teambuilding games which are designed to replicate many of the pressures of real life – time and resource shortages, changing circumstances, and lots of information. How well they do depends upon how well they share information, listen , plan, and set objectives – all critical skills in real life.

Buccaneers Island® is fast paced and fun, participants become completely immersed in the environment, and react in the same way within the game as they would in real life, and for many this is a rude awakening to reality!

The learning comes in two phases; firstly the participants will receive high quality feedback for most of the afternoon of the one day event, and from this they will produce an action plan to be implemented at work. The feedback session would be designed to dovetail into all of the main messages that you agree at the start. The second phase is a coaching process that embeds all of the main lessons of Buccaneers Island® – again linked to your main messages, and this is usually driven forward by coaches within your organisation, to make sure that the participants see real impact, this motivates them to do more and so the process is ongoing and continuous.

We provide all necessary training, and everything you need to be able to run the Buccaneers Island event, even including the decorations for the room.

So if you would like to be able to run team training with a difference contact us now for a copy of the Buccaneers Island DVD.


“We called Infinite Possibilities in to assist us in developing greater co-operation within teams with a critical part of our business. They suggested that a combination of Buccaneers Island and facilitation would be best to achieve the results that we wanted. The effect has been excellent, using Buccaneers Island made all the difference to the project, and the material covered continues to be of benefit.

I would definitely recommend Buccaneers Island as a method of promoting teamwork between departments.”

Andrew Winstanley – Financial Director – Pilkington Special Glass Ltd

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