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Some of the books we have found useful. The comments alongside the books are not meant to be prescriptive, but are simply our opinions. An evaluation of a book is always subjective, and we can only provide an indication of its suitability to you. “The decision” as they say………. “is yours”
Use your head by Tony Buzan(ISBN No.: 0-563-20812-0)This book explains in simple terms the main principles of mind maps as a thinking or note taking tool – a really helpful reference with examples to follow to really get the best from your mind
The power is within you by Louise Hay(ISBN No.: 1-870845-10-2)Another of Louise’s self help books, very inspiring and full of caring
How to win friends and influence people by
Dale Carnegie
(ISBN No.: 0-7493-0784-6)Written in the 1930’s this book is still as relevant today as it was then, a classic in personal development, and influence
Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
(ISBN No.: 0-09-974100-8)Like the title says, this book really is about you taking action, Susan has a lovely writing style, very inspiring
Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
(ISBN No.: 0-671-69976-8)From the ‘personal development guru’ of the USA, this book is probably not the easiest read, but a great deal is crammed into those pages rousing stuff for people who want to really understand peak performance
10/10 The yellow book by Richard Wilkins
(ISBN No.: 0-9528198-1-3)Like all of the 10/10 range this is an absolute gem, Richard has this uncanny knack of taking life and having a really good laugh at it whilst being thought provoking. Richard is also an extremely good speaker, and we’ve worked with him in the past – if you get chance to see him speak, just go, you’ll love it
End the struggle and dance with life by Susan Jeffers
(ISBN No.: 0-340-68178-0)Another classic from Susan, this book has some great ideas and practical advice about celebrating this amazing thing we have called life
Users manual for the brain by
Bob G Bodehamer, L Michael Hall
(ISBN No.: 1-8998363-2-2)A text book for NLP ‘teachies’ if you want one of the most thorough books available to prepare you for a qualification in NLP this is it, very detailed, and well structured but not an easy read!
Managing with the power of NLP by David Molden
(ISBN No.: 0-273-62063-0)David’d style is much more practical than many books that we have read. He approaches NLP from a bias of practical application in the real world rather than theorising about it. This book will help you to understand how to apply NLP in practice from the perspective of a people manager who clearly walks the talk
Being Happy by Andrew Matthews
(ISBN No.: 981-00-0664-0)One of our first ever personal development books, a great read with a refreshingly humourous style, we’d recommend this to anyone who is looking into personal development and wants something simple
Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain
(ISBN No.: 0-931432-02-2)The techniques explored in this book work, we still don’t know how but they do! Astonishingly powerful ways to attract into your life what you want
Who’s pulling your strings by Louis Proto
(ISBN No.: 0-7225-1732-7)Find out all about realionships and your patterns, a fascinating review of how human beings interact and attempt to manipulate
Zig Ziglar’s secrets of closing the sale by Zig Ziglar
(ISBN No.: 0-425-08102-8)With a name like Zig Ziglar you’d just have to be curious wouldn’t you!Zig gives some very down to earth home truths about sales and the sales industry, a real shot in the arm for anybody who needs to influence others for a living
Principles of NLP by Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott
(ISBN No.: 0-7225-3195-8)Probably the best intro to NLP available in book form, nicely structured and a really simple book to use to familiarise yourself with this fascinating subject
Selling to win by Richard Denny
(ISBN No.: 1-85091-626-8)A much more ‘english approach than Zig Ziglar but very similar message it’s really about personal preference, we’ve used some of the ideas explored in this book and they work really well
Let’s get real or let’s not play by Mahan Khalsa
(ISBN No.: 1-883219-50-7)The best book we’ve come across to explain business to business sales in an ethical way. Mahan clearly has very high standards, and it shows in this book. If you are involved or want to be involved in consultative business to business sales this book is a must have
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by
Steven R. CoveyThe best part of this book is the maturity continuum. When you understand that, the rest of the book falls into place. Clearly very well structured and researched principles that are timeless, and would apply to virtually all situations in one form or another. The book can be a bit heavy going but it is really worth the investment of time.

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