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Leadership Development

If leadership development is of interest to you, you’re in good company, nearly 50% of HR Directors surveyed considered leadership development as being one of their top 3 challenges in the last 3 years.

We’ve been involved in Leadership Development for the last 11 years, for a wide spectrum of businesses and public sector organisations, so we have lots of experience in helping people like you develop their leaders at all levels.

Our Managing Director Charles Barnascone has used all that experience of dealing with leaders and recently had a book published on leadership. The book is called ‘Tom and The Magician – A Question of Leadership’

So how can we help you develop your leaders?

  • You could call us on 01636 629002 to discuss potential development plans for your leaders or Contact Us via email.

Before you embark on leadership development, you should know where to focus your attention. For this we use Index 360 leadership evaluation. See the competency assessment section for ways to identify the development needs of your leaders

Below are example outlines of leadership development programmes, we could develop something specifically for you Contact us to find out more.

Getting The Balance Right

Director Development Programme

If you would like to find out more about these programmes give us a call.



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