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Getting people to understand and deliver objectives is critical in any business, and yet surprisingly in a recent study only 15% of employees understood their objectives and how they connect to the businesses objectives.

The Possibility Thinking process has been designed to help you translate your strategic objectives into individual objectives, and then have your staff take ownership.

Possibility Thinking can be used as:

  • A tool to make sure that existing goals and objectives are on track and aligned with corporate strategies
  • A goal setting and thinking process
  • A problem-solving tool that is effective at every organisational level for both teams and individuals
  • A process to drive continuous improvement
  • A process to coach people in the delivery of objectives

“As part of working with Infinite Possibilities Ltd, we identified a series of goals that we wanted to tackle at our International Conference, one of which was to gain an additional £1million of revenue. At the end of the conference we had 7 weeks to accomplish the goal and we succeeded. I believe that using Possibility Thinking was instrumental to us achieving the goal.” 

Steve Tunstall – Managing Director- Wallingford Software Ltd.

Javier Ferrer at Cranfield University carried out an evaluation of the Possibility Thinking process and came to the following conclusion: “The Possibility Thinking Process is one of the most complete and structured methodologies in terms of setting and achieving goals”.

Click to download an outline of the Possibility Thinking process covered during a typical training session

The possibilities are endless!

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