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We are often asked for a reading list of books that we find useful, the following is a helpful start. Most of these books can be bought from the online book shops shown below.

performance partnership Performance Partnership
If you’ve been on our training courses you may have spotted that we use some aspects of NLP in our training design and delivery. We have used NLP to develop ourselves, and our team, and we whole heartedly recommend the performance partnership for their NLP training.
new world music

New World Music
Useful online shopping site for uplifting, inspiring and relaxing music to create a great learning and training atmosphere. Full range of CDs and tapes are available here.

anglo american book company

Anglo American Book Co.
The Anglo American Book Co. is particularly good for NLP books, anything on psychology, accelerated learning, training, or hypnosis.

cygnus book club

Cygnus Book Club
Cygnus Books are focused on providing holistic books on self development on mind body and spirit. They supply books on improving your health, realising your full human potential, finding peace, happiness, abundance and freedom, and promoting your spiritual growth.

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